Branson Missouri Farmhouse Home Décor

What is Modern Country, Vintage and Farmhouse Home Décor

In Branson, Missouri these styles are white hot right now! But, what are these styles? What defines them? How do we get the look? Do you have to live in Branson? Let’s start out by saying that these styles are more of an attitude or a way of life than a style these days. Once these styles were distinguished by 3 key elements… rural location, functional porches, and formal and informal living space! Today there are lots of fun decor elements that bring the warm, simple and savvy of Modern Country and Farmhouse home decor looks to almost any home. And that’s what I’m sharing today!

These unpretentious styles are distinctly all-American. Nodding to its homegrown roots, farmhouse style homes have a collected-over-time look, complete with old-school prints, distressed furnishings, and vintage finishes. It’s all about an all-American look and feel.

 Style Basics

Sturdy, time-tested furniture handcrafted from distressed woods and wrought iron Color palettes with white, gray, cream, navy, and sage. Large inviting family-style furniture creates a laid-back vibe Open shelving showcases necessities and heirloom pieces Old becomes new with the style’s focus on upcycling and renovating.

Farmhouse or Country style originally developed out of necessity. It was born out of geography. Farmers needed places to live and farmhouses reflected the land, building materials and goods available in the rural area.

Today, these styles are a way of life that reflect a love for the land and it’s bounty and keeps a close connection between the two. It loves the simplicity and has a do-it-yourself attitude. Recycling, upcycling and renovating are all in the wheelhouse of a country living style! Although unpretentious and very welcoming, there is a great sense of style about Farmhouse and Country living!

Anyone can capture the spirit and spunk of farmhouse style! It marries so well with other decor styles. Traditional, Modern, Southern, Cottage and even Industrial, just to name a few.

By adding just a few practical and perfectly placed country living elements your Branson home can radiate this popular style!

Here are 10 farmhouse elements to add that can wonderful country living charm to your home!

  • planked wood floors

  • simple, sensible styling
  • glass front cabinets
  • open front shelves
  • aprons
  • barn beam anything
  • galvanized metals
  • wire baskets
  • grain sacks
  • wooden spoons
  • painted wood floors
  • plate racks
  • large glass jars

What can you add to this list? What are your favorite Branson country living elements? For even more inspirational decorating ideas visit our main site here.



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